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Every year an estimated 8 million tonnes of waste plastic enters the ocean, and many animals mistakenly eat the plastic believing it to be a food source. 


In 2019 Mosman Public School and the Mini-Mos Community Fun Run and Fair have nominated Take 3 for the Sea as our charity. We are working hard to raise awareness of Take 3 for the Sea’s key message - Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere and you have made a difference.


The Mini-Mos is scheduled for Sunday 16 June, and you can help the kids of Mosman Public School raise funds for Take 3 for the Sea in a few easy ways!?

  • Sign-up to race at or create your fundraising page when you register.
  • Click Donate above, and contribute directly to Take 3 as a part of the Mosman Public School team.
  • Create a fundraising page to Sponsor a runner by clicking Create a Fundraising Page above..
  • Click Support a Friend to find and donate to your favourite runner or team.

If you have any questions about Mini-Mos or Take 3 for the Sea fundraising please contact

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Top Fundraisers

Other Donations - TOTAL $2150

Return & Earn - TOTAL $50.00

Eligible containers earn 10c. Find out more.


Registration Donations - TOTAL $2100


Updated 22 May 2019